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We are an alliance of artists, investors and businesses that develops award-winning films for a broad spectrum of audiences through economically viable productions. We are dedicated to producing films that break through and rise above the clutter of today's offerings, developing projects that depict triumph over the moral and ethical challenges of our present times. We strive to inspire a better world through the window of film.

Robert C. Hunter

Chairman & CEO

Robert C. Hunter is Chairman and CEO of Exxcell Entertainment, Inc., a company Diane Ladd and he founded in the late ‘90s. Since that time they have obtained rights to a number of properties for film production. Along with Diane, Robert was instrumental in gaining favorable federal tax legislation for films produced in the US. Robert is a twenty-four year veteran of PepsiCo, Inc., a Fortune Fifteen company, including ten years as President and CEO of the PepsiCo Food Systems division. He is a past board member and committee chairman of the US Chamber of Commerce in Washington DC. He has years of civic & educational leadership: he’s served on the Advisory Board of Northwood University, he was an Executive in Residence of the Hotel & Restaurant School at North Texas University, and he worked for both the New Frontier Committee and the Parents’ Council at Texas Christian University. He is a past President of Young Audiences of Greater Dallas, past chairman of the Dallas Easter Seal Society, and founder of the David J. Ewing Scholarship Fund. He’s served on numerous other boards and is a past member of the Young Presidents Organization and the Dallas Assembly.

Diane Ladd


DIANE LADD is a Producer, member of PGA, Author – Dramatist’s Guild, Screenwriter – WGA , Director – her film, Mrs. Munck was selected by eleven International Film Festivals including Co-Opener Edinburgh, Scotland, receiving incredible rave reviews and was the recipient of three Best Director Awards. She’s a three time Oscar® nominee; Scorsese’s Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, Lynch’s Wild at Heart, & Rambling Rose; she and her daughter, Laura Dern, in tandem, made show business history as the first mother/daughter duo to earn nominations for the same film. The late Princess Diana chose this film as one of her all-time favorites, honoring it with a London Royal Premier and a party in their honor. Ms. Ladd is also a three time Emmy nominee, winner of: The British Academy Award, The Independent Spirit Award, Golden Globe and The Actors Studio's Eleanor Duse Award; Honor These Actors, for They Are the Brief and Abstract Chronicle of the Times! – Shakespeare and 53 other International Awards. Diane shared the screen with Jennifer Lawrence, Robert DeNiro, and Bradley Cooper, and narrated David O. Russell’s film, Joy. Soon-to-be-seen in Todd Robinson’s The Last Full Measure opposite Chris Plummer. Co-starred in the number one hit cable show, Chesapeake Shores as Nell O’Brien, garnering the largest viewing audience in Hallmark’s history. TIME Magazine’s Richard Corliss wrote: Diane Ladd is one of the top ten actresses, not only in this country, but the whole world.

Diane has written, and published two books; Spiraling Through the School of Life- Hay House, Inc., and A Bad Afternoon for a Piece of Cake – “Southern writers have a unique talent for feel, touch, smell and taste that doesn’t seem to exist anywhere else. Truman Capote, Eudora Welty, Carson McCullers and Tennessee Williams had this extraordinary gift: Diane Ladd has it too!” - Rex Reed - a collection of ten short stories available on her website, www.dianeladd.com, and on Amazon. Her next book, Interrupted Destiny, depicts the parallel struggles of Martha Mitchell and Diane Ladd, two women on opposite sides of the veil, as they fought for the rights of others in their plight to make America a better place: to be released simultaneously with Exxcell’s film about Martha and John Mitchell, Woman Inside.

EXXCELL ENTERTAINMENT has six film projects: four in Prep for Pre-Production and two in Development. They also have two plays, one finished and a musical in development. An astute business person, Ms. Ladd’s creative and fiscal success as a director is a strongpoint in Exxcell Films leadership. As a successful director, producer, and actor, her lobbying efforts were instrumental in keeping US productions in America as she persuaded key members of Congress to pass tax legislation: Bill HR 4736 absorbed into HR 4520, favorable to investors, the film industry, and its workforce.

Her continuous efforts to improve the quality of culture in the US are evident in her work as well as her avocations, having received the Woman of the Year award. She is a Screen Actors Guild national board member and is active in seeking gainful work for her constituents. She is the Founder and President of the Art & Culture Taskforce, www.artandculturetaskforce.org charitable organization dedicated to strengthening Education and the Arts in America and actively pursuing improvement in all facets of the creative arts.

Executive Assistant: BRITTANY BOLDUC
Associate Producer: SCOTT ALSOP
Attorney: GARY RASKIN , Raskin Gorham Anderson Law, LLP
CPA: MARK GREENBERG , Miller, Ward & Company


Mrs. Munck

  • "Ladd majestically sweeps away any questions about her ability. We are left to wonder only whether she is more impressive as a director, writer, star or casting agent. Her direction is clever and smooth and her portrayal of Mrs. Munck is stunning."
  • "It works! Emotional wallop! Terrific dialogue... stunning, breathtaking film! Magnificent performances by a supporting cast. Successfully mines some of the same terrain as the Bridges of Madison County. Of the years (200 Films) at the Festival-One of this reviewers ten personal favorites."
  • "Provoked a powerful audience response... this film could point a new direction for independent filmmakers."
  • "This reviewer hasn’t been made to feel so personally vulnerable since Woody Allen’s Husband and Wives! Ladd, brilliant! Dern, performance of a lifetime! Kelly Preston – exquisite! Shelley Winters – national treasure! Beautiful, brave, dreamlike and touching! A film one experiences rather than just watches!"
  • "A love story. All the qualities of a typical big budget Hollywood movie... Diane Ladd has made a stylish and powerful film."
  • "The big surprise is the way Misery turns into Harold and Maude! Sensitive! Touching! Just the thing for which we have all been yelling! A film that will make you laugh, cry and think!"

Mrs. Munck had the honor of being selected by more than ten international film festivals including: Seattle, Washington, Toronto, Canada; and was chosen to co-open the Edinburgh, Scotland Film Festival. Ms. Ladd also received three best director awards including the Director’s ARTISTIC ACHIEVEMENT SPECIAL AWARD by the Florida Film Festival.

This psychological drama was based on the novel by Ella Leffland. After the death of her husband, Rose Munck (Diane Ladd), needs a job and takes a position looking after local business tycoon Patrick Leary (Bruce Dern), who has grown old and infirm and can no longer care for himself. However, revenge is higher on Rose’s list of priorities than tending to Leary or earning a living; years ago, when she was a teenager, Rose (played in flashbacks by Kelly Preston) was seduced by the married Leary, and when she became pregnant, he threatened to have the child taken away from her unless she had an abortion. Rose chose to have the child against Leary’s wishes, but the baby was killed during an altercation between Rose and Leary, and she has never forgiven him for it. Now, with Leary abandoned by his family, Rose takes her opportunity to slowly torture the old man who ruined her life. Mrs. Munck was the directorial debut for Diane Ladd.

– New York Times

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